RED COBALT - HSSGround - DIN 338 Cobalt metal drill bits - sets


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  • Metal drill bits ground from solid, extremely heat resistant 5% cobalt-alloyed high speed steel produced according to DIN 338.
  • Suitable for drilling high alloy content steels and metals with tensile strengths over 1000 N/mm² like stainless steel.
  • QUAD EDGE™ Tip: unique combination of 135° split point and four cutting edges: 135° split point allows for precise & fast drilling start without walking. Four cutting edges create smaller chips to prevent heat build up for longer life.
  • Variable flute geometry: For faster material ejection. Helps the bit run cooler and prevent it from burning out faster.
  • Enhanced tapered web: Wider core towards the shank of the drill bit. Strengthens the core to increase overall flute durability.
  • 3-flat shank from ⌀ 5 mm for better grip and prevents chuck slippage.